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UPCOMING - Feb. 20, 2014
Whole Foods Market (3rd & Fairfax)
.Alicia will be showcasing her Delicious El Salvador cuisine,  sampling recipes, and signing copies of the book at upcoming cooking demonstrations and events.
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Alicia contributes to well known brands and blogs.
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Alicia & The Book
Alicia has been called a "poet in the kitchen."
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Alicia and Delicious El Sal
vador are
"Best in the World" 2014 finalists
for the Gourmand
World Cookbook Awards this May in Beijing, China.
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Welcome to Delicious El Salvador


In this new and exciting cookbook on the cuisine of El Salvador, there are popular Salvadoran recipes like pupusas, beef stew, quesadilla, and plantains, and so many more delicious traditional recipes.
Delicious El Salvador is a "Best in the World" 2014 finalist for the Gourmand
World Cookbook Awards, and is now available at » Barnes & Noble.

Hi, my name is Alicia Maher. I embarked on this writing journey to rescue, preserve, teach, and share our culinary traditions to future generations of Salvadorans living around the world and cooks everywhere.
I am from El Salvador and live and work in Los Angeles. I am a mother, wife, home cook, UCLA alum, and author. I  have always carried with me the passion and love for the food of my childhood.

Learn how to cook great tasting dishes with easy-to-follow recipes that will delight your family and friends, like these delicious authentic favorites:
 Pupusas   Salvadoran Sweet Quesadilla Cake  White Bean & Pork Rib Soup  
Beef Patties in a Light Tomato Sauce  Beef Stew  Salvadoran Corn Tortillas  Icy Tamarind Beverage   Try some of Alicia's Recipes »

 Customer Reviews

If you are looking for authentic and traditional Salvadorean recipes that are delicious to make, this is the book for you! I appreciate that Alicia took amazingly delicious recipes and laid them out in a way that are simple to make. She covers some of the crown jewels of Salvadorean cooking dishes like Pupusas and Torrejas and leads you through the cooking process making you look like a pro. The pictures are colorful and true to how your dishes will look. The measurement "Equivalencies and Conversion" table at the beginning of the book is very helpful. Also, the book offers many incredible vegetarian recipes as well as a gluten-free tortilla recipe. I have been looking for a Salvadorean recipe book that holds true to authentic recipes and this book delivers them! I highly recommend it :).
L. Macareno “lmacareno”

I've tried a couple of recipes and so far and they've been delicious! Thank you for sharing your family recipes!"

Your book is awesome. I brought it to my in-laws house today and they were impressed. My husband and his family came to the US from El Salvador in 1980. His mom cooks everything from scratch, much of what is in your book. Anyway, I am going to your site to order 2 more books, one for each of my sister-in-laws. They don't want a gringa cooking their food better than them. lol!! I can't wait to have them over and make one of your delicious soups to impress them. I try looking for recipes online, but you are the only one who sticks to the authenticity of Salvadoran cooking. I eventually want to past these down to my daughter. I love practicing you recipes. My husband loves everything!!
      From a Facebook Fan. Thanks for the book!!
      Sincerely, Stacy Villagran

Thank you for making this book!
       Radish Moran

Book was packaged very well due to not being a hardcover. I've only made one recipe. The illustrations are just beautiful (my friend was born in El Salvador and he thought the illustrations and recipes are great). I look forward to try more recipes soon.

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some really good tasting cuisine. Whenever I get a chance I try a new recipe and I like them each and every time.
      Mario E Palacios

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