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· Pupusa Master Classes Surfas

· Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

· T.V. interview in Arriba Mi Gente, Canal 21 El Salvador

· Radio interview La Chevere 100.9 FM El Salvador

· Radio interview, Super Estrella 94.1 FM El Salvador

· UCLA Alumni Day Line Up Talent-Cooking Demo and Book Signing


· Barbara Hansen Interview for The Cook’s Cook Online Magazine

· Contributor to The Immigrant Cookbook- “A diverse bounty of recipes by immigrant chefs from around the world”. Interlink Publishing

· Charity cooking for fourteen angels

· Pacific Food and Beverage Museum Cooking Demo and Book Signing

· Melissa’s Produce Cooking Demo and Book Signing 

· Gerry Furth-Sides for Local Food Eater Blog “Alicia Maher’s Family Recipes in Delicious El Salvador Book”


· Mention in Jerusalem Post by Faye and Yakir Levy for my Latin Style Trifle 

· Salvadoran Pastry Class. Students raved about it.

· Salvadoran Food History Talk for Culinary Historians Of Southern California, Los Angeles Grand Central Library, Mark Taper Auditorium

· Private tasting for chefs and cookbook authors Faye and Yakir Levy

· OC Fair Cooking Demo

· Released Delicious El Salvador in Spanish, El Salvador, Sabores Deliciosos 


· Featured in Revista Ella magazine, published by La Prensa Grafica. Named El Salvador’s Culinary Ambassador

· Live Online Video with Kimlai Yingling on how to make “Tortitas con Carne”

· Cooking demo and book signing at Whole Foods Los Angeles

· Cooking demo and book signing at Latin Food Fest Los Angeles

· Online live interview Sercano T.V. with Lidia Gaitan Torres

· Represented El Salvador at the IACP Conference 2016 

· Represented El Salvador in Gourmand Awards, Yantai, China


· T.V. interview Viva La Mañana with Luciana Sandoval and Daniel Rucks 

· Radio interview Super Estrella 94.1 FM with Jose Calderon and chef Norma Schuler.

· Pupusa Class at Surfas

· LA Times Festival of Books. Exhibited and book signing

· Featured On EFE “Salvadoreños celebran cena de Acción de Gracias con su tradicional cena”

· Frankfurt Book Fair, winner Best First Cookbook of the World last twenty years

· Private tasting for chef Amy Riolo

· Featured on chef and cookbook author Amy Riolo

· Private tasting for two Salvadoran ambassadors, Walter Duran, El Salvador's ambassador to Ecuador and Ruben Zamora, former Salvadoran ambassador to the United States and to the United Nations


· Gourmand Award, Beijing, winner Best First Cookbook of the World

· Taste of El Salvador Cooking Demo and Book Signing at Surfas

· Taste of El Salvador Cooking Demo and Book Signing at Whole Foods Los Angeles

· Latin Food Fest La Joya Cooking Demo and Book Signing

· LA Times Festival of Books. First Salvadoran cookbook at the festival


· Delicious El Salvador official release party from El Salvador Consulate in Los Angeles. First Salvadoran Cookbook in English.

· Featured in La Opinion

· Latin Food Fest La Joya Cooking Demo and Book Signing

· T.V. interview Variedades Con Sandra with Sandra Chavarria

· T.V. interview Mundo Fox News with Carolina Sarassa

· T.V. interview Estrella TV with Rosie Orbach   

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In Delicious El Salvador: 75 Authentic Recipes For Traditional Salvadoran Cooking, Alicia Maher shares the secrets to authentic Salvadoran food. From iconic dishes like pupusas, quesadilla, Christmas turkey and torrejas, to everyday dishes like meat stew, chicken soup, shrimps with garlic, rice, re-fried beans, pork chops with onions, green beans and eggs, summer squash in a cream sauce, vanilla custard…  your family and friends will love these dishes. With 224 pages and over 90 photos, full color and high resolution, featuring each dish and some of the country side. Most photos were shot on location, in San Salvador. Delicious El Salvador fills a cultural void for the millions of Salvadorans living in the U.S.A.

There is something for every cook, family member, and guest in this book. With great joy, Alicia makes these recipes accessible to all, while maintaining the authenticity of the delicious Salvadoran culinary experience. El Salvador food is all about soups with lots of vegetables, meats stews with vegetables and herbs, fruits drinks, seafood, desserts like mango in almíbar… These ingredients are easily available at most major supermarkets and local Latin markets. Just the basics are needed to create these yummy dishes, a teaspoon, tablespoon, a standard 8 ounce cup or a measuring cup, and some basic pots and pans.

Delicious El Salvador: 75 Authentic Recipes for Traditional Salvadoran Cooking, is a 2014 Gourmand winner for Best First Cookbook of the World. Her translation of Delicious El Salvador, El Salvador, Sabores Deliciosos: 75 Recetas Auténticas de la Cocina Tradicional Salvadoreña, was a semi-finalist, category translation, in the 2018 Gourmand awards. Alicia’s mission is to preserve, rescue and document authentic Salvadoran recipes for her children, future generations, and food lovers everywhere.


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Bienvenidos a El Salvador, Sabores Deliciosos: 75 Recetas Auténticas de la Cocina Tradicional Salvadoreña, escrito por Alicia Maher. El Salvador, Sabores Deliciosos, fue semi-finalista, categoría “Traducción” en los premios Gourmand 2018 en Yantai, China. La edición en Ingles, Delicious El Salvador, gano en Beijing, en el 2014, el prestigioso premio Gourmand “Best in the World” en la categoría Mejor Primer Libro del Mundo, y en el 2015, en la Feria de libros en Frankfurt “Mejor Primer Libro en los últimos 20 años. 


Alicia escribió Delicious El Salvador como un esfuerzo para proteger, preservar y documentar el patrimonio gastronómico de la comida salvadoreña, y como un legado para sus hijos, las generaciones futuras, y amantes de la comida en todas partes del mundo.

Esta es su guía a la auténtica cocina de El Salvador. Aquí podrá encontrar platos tradicionales traspasados por siglos de generación en generación. Cada receta viene acompañada de una impresionante fotografía a colores que representa lo mejor de la gama gastronómica de El Salvador. 

A su familia y amigos les encantarán los auténticos sabores salvadoreños, frescos, deliciosos y fáciles de preparar.

Alicia ha aparecido en The Latin Kitchen, Los Angeles Magazine Online,
CNN Latino, La Opinion, EFE, Mundo Fox, Azteca T.V., Estrella T.V., Spiced Peach Blog, Whole Foods Markets, Viva La Mañana, GranDiosas El Salvador, UCLA Magazine, La Prensa Grafica de El Salvador, Sercano.com, Latin Food Fest in Los Angeles y San Diego y mas…

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